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Connections. Memories. Love. Transitions. Life. Peace. Joy. Educator. Missionary. Fly Fisherwoman. Vocalist. Breast Cancer Survivor. Volunteer. A Purpose Driven Life!

A survivor who will never forget!
Phyllis Adrienne
Tammy Amaechi
Rosa Lee Cain
Sheila Davis
Mable Hathecock
Kimberly Johnson

Julie Langley

Susan Nyman

Bridget Okafor
Glenda Sampson
Cassandra Sloane

REST in peace my sistahs!

Fly fishing at Lake Logan!

Slightly a GEEK when it comes to reading, absorbing spoken word, and preparing lesson plans to teach!

Chloe, my calm and joy!

Mission work at Ciudad de Angeles in Mexico. Love this young lady!

Fly fishing at Lake Logan, my favorite watering hole for trout; catch and release. With my guide, Brian Trantham!

Momma ... my partner, friend, and ride or die!

Photographer Arthur Ratliff

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